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What our customers are saying...

     "First thing, our class A motor home levelers have never worked better, the Bigfoot System levels like a dream.  The customer service was second to none, Tom and Mike handled everything like real pros, thanks for all the help.  If you need levelers for your RV I can highly recommend Bigfoot."

~John W.

     "After two years and 45,000 miles under our belts in our 2005 Winnebago Minnie 31C, we sold the house and went full-time in February.  Arguably at the exact wrong time with the Covid-19 onset, but all has worked out well.  The first thing we did for our "Dreamcatcher", was to drive to White Pigeon, MI, and treat her to level living.  We bought and had the factory install our Bigfoot Levelers.  What a different camping experience.  We now live life "in the bubble", with our rig being perfectly level wherever we nest! The people at Quadra Manufacturing (a.k.a. Bigfoot) were amazingly accommodating and extremely professional.  They provide you with overnight hookups, as you arrive the evening before your appointment.  Jeff Lehman was the amazing person who helped us order and schedule our installation. He was there to greet us when we arrived, where he briefed us on the next day's activities as well as being a great concierge to direct us around town to restaurants and local sights.  After about 3 hours, the job was done and Jeff conducted a thorough demo on how to use the system.  All in all, if you are considering levelers for your rig, don't hesitate to contact these guys and make a trip of it.  By the way, when the factory installs it, the installation and system are backed by factory warranty. The icing on the cake!!"

~Paul H.

     "I just wanted to send you guys a quick message.  I installed the system just before our Thanksgiving trip and have used it numerous times since.  For those on the fence, I shake my head for not installing sooner.  The money doesn't compare to the satisfaction you get from pulling in and being level & set up in under 5 minutes.  Great support, easy install, love the product.  Best upgrade to our Class-C, hands down.  Thank you, Bigfoot!!"
~Chris T.

     "Words cannot express our gratitude to your staff.  Mike and Clinton have gone out of their way to help us.  Mike got us on the road and leveled when we arrived.  Many phone calls during that time.   Our RV settled  after a few days and was slightly lower on the left side.  I’m sure it was user error, I’m not handy.  I somehow got the right side so high I thought our rig would flip.  Not kidding!  It was Sunday and I was freaking out.  Clinton responded to my urgent email.  He patiently walked me through it.  Without his help... I don’t know what I would have done.  Our rig is nine years old and well past any warranty I’m sure.  We lost our home to Hurricane Harvey and this rig is home.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!"
~Kyle & Cara V.

     "We just returned from a 25 day 3000+ mile trip out through the West and back to Indiana.  We stopped and set up 9 different times in 6 different states and our Platinum System performed flawlessly every time.  Our sites ranged from pretty level to having to have the front wheels off the ground to get level and Bigfoot handled it all.  We even rode out a Kansas storm with 60+ mph gusts.  The system gave our coach added stability to handle the storm far better than sitting on just our suspension. Thank you Quadra for producing and installing a great leveling system!"

~Dennis & Janet R.

     "This weekend I managed to put my dual jack system in a bind after parking my horse trailer on an incline.  I didn’t expect much being a Sunday, but I called your tech support line and was transferred to Jim.   Jim worked with me through several calls until finally getting the system out of the bind and back on the road.  I cannot express my gratitude for the help and the manner in which it was provided.  You have made a lifetime customer and advocate for your products.  Thanks again."

~Ronnie T.

     "I called in last week for help troubleshooting my Bigfoot Levelers.  Clinton wasn't in and I spoke with Kyle.   I cannot thank you guys enough.  I called in about a year ago because my house batteries kept going dead and I couldn't get the levelers to work.  Clinton told me how to jumper the hot to to the chassis battery and I was off and running again.  This time I called I couldn't get the levelers to retract fully because another RV service facility got something caught between the pad and the limit switch.  Kyle's directions worked perfectly!  You guys are a real blessing. "

~ John M.


     "We want to give a big thank you to Jim from tech support.  We were putting the stabilizers up and got the power cord stuck and the stabilizer would not go down.  Jim answered our call on a Sunday evening before a holiday.  He stayed on the phone and talked us through different scenarios until we found the battery was dead.  Being newbies we are so thankful for his expertise and kindness.  We didn't have to postpone our vacation plans." 👍

​~ Lloyd

     "I recently purchased a Bigfoot system to a fully-automatic configuration after working with Patrick over a few weeks to assemble all the necessary additions.
     Over the Memorial Day weekend (2018) I started working on the integration and installation of my updated system.  It was a fairly straightforward process thanks to parts assembly.  However, I found it necessary to reach out to your 24/7 technical support line on Sunday, May 27, 2018.  The call was answered by Mr. Jim Armstrong who provided to me consistent support throughout Sunday – until the midnight hour, without reservation or limits.  To me that is service that must be recognized.
     I cannot express in words my great appreciation for his dedication and support.  Essentially, I would have been stranded without his intervention and assistance.  I have spent a career in customer service myself and I hope that you will recognize Mr. Armstrong for his dedication and support.  It reflects well for your company and I hope to share my experiences on many forums that I frequent. "
~ Jay F.

"Dear Bigfoot peeps,

     You guys have hit the ball out of the park.  Plus, the installation Roy Trevino in Lakeland did, is wonderful.  I have just started a long six day journey to Colorado to stay for the summer.  I pulled into the campground, hit the button and it’s perfect.  Thank you so very very much!"

~ Barry N.

     "This weekend I had a strange issue with my 2011 Carriage Cameo and the Bigfoot Leveling system.  I called the 1 800 number (Saturday Afternoon) on my control panel pressed the number 1 and got connected to Jim Armstrong. Jim stayed with me through the trouble shooting process and determined that my fluid in my reservoir needed changed. 
     With some scepticism I went to the store and purchased what Jim told me I needed. When I got back to the camper I called Jim back and he walked me through the roadside repair.  Great news - the system works like new again!!!!!!
     Hats off to you and Jim for providing awesome  and meaningful customer service."
~ Bryan S.


     "Just wanted to send a big THANK YOU to all the great folks at Quadra!  We were in Shipshewana with our RV and called your company on Tuesday, August 29th.  We would be going back home on Thursday, September 1st and wanted to make an appointment to have our levelers checked (the hydraulic fluid in them plus spindles sprayed).  We were told you would be busy, but we didn't need an appointment - just stop by, ask for Kyle and you'd take care of us.

     Take care of us you did!!  Our RV was taken care of just as we asked and after about 45 minutes, we were on our way home.  Every time we have contacted you since 2008 when our awesome Bigfoot Levelers were installed, the customer service has been excellent.  One thing that struck us on this particular visit was the friendliness of your crew.  As we sat in the waiting room and various employees would pass through, every single one of them spoke to us or asked us how we were doing, or struck up a conversation with us.  John (owner) brought our RV back to us and said we were good to go, that we didn't owe a thing, but we do want to pay you with our compliments and a big, big THANK YOU!"

​- Charles & Vicky A.

     "I want to thank you for your cooperation fixing our Bigfoot System.  I will pass on your fine customer service."

- Don W.

     "This company is a class act!  Our front right leveler was not retracting... this started 3-4 weeks ago.  We knew our travels were taking us near White Pigeon so we decided to stop in to see if they could help us.  Not only did they schedule us next day for what was to be a minor repair but they offered us a place to stay with hookup.  The minor repair turned into a major repair and come to find out the dealer we purchased the RV from did not install the system correctly... along with giving us an incorrect manual.  So, several hours later, the Lehman family had us all fixed up; provided us with the correct operating manual and a mini training session!  Did I mention this is a family owned business that truly cares about their customers?!! Everyone we came in contact with was kind and courteous.  The Lehman family rocks!!!!!"
- Susan H.

     "I want to thank Clinton and the rest of the Bigfoot Support Technicians!  I own a 2005 Haulmark Motorcoach which I use to tow my race cars.  At a race this past weekend, my right front jack would not retract.  After calling, I was walked through troubleshooting by technical support, and finally to the point of finding a broken wire.  After this wire repair, my Bigfoot Leveling System is now once again working great!  I received a text with a pic of the system which helped me to locate it under the dash.  I didn’t ask for this pic, but someone at Bigfoot thoughtfully sent it to assist me in my troubleshooting efforts!   The level of support for a system that is almost 12 years old is truly incredible!  Thanks to this company for being a true American spirited company where customers are treated as friends with total care!  Thanks again!"

​- Wayne J. L.

     "We drove 598 miles to have levelers installed on C-Class RV.  We were impressed by everyone's smiling faces and the efficiency of the installation.  Such a great group of people!  Thanks to Brandon for answering my many emails and Eric for getting us to the right building!"
- Barbara M.

​     "They installed the system very quickly. Excellent customer service and communication. Nice area for arriving after hours!"
- Robert W.

     "Flew down from Alaska and picked up our new rig from the dealer in Grand Rapids on Good Friday. The leveling system was throwing a (non-critical) error code.  No one at the dealer wanted to touch it, as they were all peeling out of the parking lot to start the weekend early. We got Bigfoot on the phone - a real person answered, thanks Clinton - and was told to come on down to their shop and someone would fix it that night. Turns out the manufacturer had smashed the Bigfoot wiring harness when installing the coach. It took a lot of diagnostics to find the problem, and three Bigfoot guys came in on their holiday weekend to do it. We're very grateful, and made it home to Alaska just fine."
- Andrea A.

     "Great experience from start to finish.  All of the employees we knowledgeable and friendly.  Owner came over to introduce himself and say hello as well. Product is outstanding and we'll worth the drive from Maryland. They had my rig done in 2 1/2 hours. It looks great and works even better. All for reasonable price to boot. Two thumbs up!"
- Aaron W.

     "Took our 5th wheel to Michigan to have a 6 point system installed. Told it would take 2 days, we were on the road to next destination by noon the 2nd day.  Jeff was great to work with, and Kyle and other installers were fantastic.  They spent all the time I wanted going over how to operate.  These guys are great, HIGHLY RECOMMEND.  The levelers are AWSOME have used twice since being installed. I am unhooked and level within 5 minutes, use to be 30 to 45 Minutes. Was well worth the drive, time, and money to have these put on my 5th wheel."
- Regina L.

     “These folks are the greatest! Best customer service of any company we've dealt with.”
- Cathy W.

     “Just a quick note of appreciation and much thanks to Jim this weekend for assisting me in my issue of my Bigfoot not working.  His diagnosis was absolutely correct, his assistance in technical support and following the logical pathway of the issue was prefect, but mostly because he was a “great guy” about the whole thing. He did not seem irritated in the least even though I called 4 times(the 4th time was to inform him that everything was working and give a sincere thanks).  His voice and attitude was that of concern and I felt a sincere connection that he was there to assist me, and I was not a bother in calling him on the weekend.  I just wanted you all to know that your product is high quality and your support is as high quality as your product.  This means a lot to me, thanks.”
- Steven M.