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1 Point Landing Gear - Silver Metallic


Item #: SQ824-CG1​​

One American made, 8,000 lb lifting capacity, 24" travel power up / power down jack, powder coated silver metallic powered by a marine grade pump assembly and weatherproof control with all hardware, hose and wiring required for installation.  This jack is equipped with a basic mounting system to drill directly to the frame or use the supplied weld-on brackets to weld directly to the trailer.  Longer hoses supplied to mount the tank assembly in a remote location near the jack or battery.

  • 8,000 lb Lifting Capacity
  • 24" Stroke
  • Powder Coated Silver Metallic
  • Single American made Marine Grade Pump Assembly
  • Weatherproof Control
  • All the hardware, hose & wiring required for installation
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